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Operational tools used by Makeking and Sales, Buyers and Category Managers help sharing of targets, make strategic decisions easier and allow planning and controlling.

11 Oct 2016

Sep 2016: Italy Durable Goods shelf report

A snapshot of the Durable goods shelf in Italy, September 2016
Shelf mix, brand concentration, top5 families: the shelf of Chains, Buying Groups, Hypermarkets, Home Stores and Others analyzed in deep
08 Jan 2016

Consumer Eletronics’ average obsolescence

How "fresh" is Chains' and Buying Groups' average shelf?
We analyze 2015's Chains, Buying Groups and rest of market's shelves, seeking for the average obsolescence degree of the various product categories
17 Sep 2015

Flyers: Supermarket or Cash&Carry?

Flyer offering compared between the two sales formats in Italy
We analyze last twelve months' Italian promotional flyers seeking an answer to the question: "Are Cash&Carries more convenient than Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Proximity stores?"
17 Jul 2015

A “pranzo” (supper) in Italy

How much has the average flyer price for a typical "pranzo" changed?
What has changed from 2011 up today for an Italian four people average family who, with an eye to savings, wants to prepare a supper with base products found on flyers?
20 Jun 2015

Durable Goods: the common assortment

What's the degree of detention of common assortments for Chains and buying Groups?
We analyze Chains and Buying Groups' shelves for H1 2015, looking for the degree of detention of common assortments amongst retailers in the Italian DG market
20 Apr 2015

Private Labels in FMCG flyers

The impact of PL in FMCG flyers in Italy
What's the presence of PL in FMCG flyers? An analysis of PL in 2014 and Q1 2015 Italian FMCG flyers
Taking into adoption tools allowing to govern an ever more complex and manifold market? It's not anymore simply an option


The present market scenario sees ever increasing competition in terms of offer and price pressure, a rising number of new players in every segment and a variety of touchpoints for customers who are more informed than ever before, which is why Manufacturers and Retailers are looking for new instruments to attract customers' attention: whether it be new communication medias, or promotional strategies, 1-2-1 marketing, or financing option, investments are anyway extremely focused on ROI.

In such a scenario, the keyword is OPTIMIZATION. But there cannot be optimization without control, meant as the set of tools allowing you to verify the efficacy of actions undertaken, to highlight weakness and strength points in a timely way and REACT QUICKLY.


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